Corporate Profile

Medical diagnostic can be defined as the link between the research and development of diagnostic tests and their application to the medical practice. DASA is the largest private medical diagnostics company in Latin America offering a portfolio of over 3,000 clinical analysis and imaging tests.

In the clinical analysis segment, samples are collected in more than 500 Company's patient service centers and analyzed in 11 central laboratories. In the diagnostic imaging segment, the images are submitted to physicians for analysis and reporting according to their medical specialty.

The company has enlarged its presence in the country through organic expansion complemented by the acquisitions in the sector. As a result, nowadays DASA detains 25 distinct brands, present in 12 states and in the Federal District. But, the company´s action is even larger, as besides its own patient service centers DASA provides support services for more than five thousand laboratories throughout the country with the Alvaro brand and operates in the Public Sector through CientificaLab brand.


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