We Are Dasa

We Are Dasa: Our Strategy

We Are Dasa, a new model that broadens and integrates healthcare throughout patients’ entire lives. We bring together Brazil’s largest diagnostics medicine network, the second largest private hospital group, and a care coordination company that thoroughly cares for its users. We adopt predictive and preventive data intelligence, innovative technology, and health with digital solutions developed in-house and in the market, via open innovation and Dasa Startups. We connect the early identififcation of the needs of our patients with the services best-suited to them, reducing events that can be prevented and contributing to the sustainability of the healthcare sector.

We built a portfolio of physical and digital products and services fine-tuned to deliver the best clinical outcomes, with the best healthcare experience for patients and physicians. Our annual relationship with +23 million users and 250,000 physicians, who use Dasa´s services or products annually, uniquely positions us to disrupt healthcare and address the sector’s pain points.

Our growth is guided by:

Sustaining the leadership and growth in Diagnostics, taking advantage of our brands’ strengths;

Focusing on our Hospitals & Oncology through organic and inorganic growth;

Innovating and potentializing high-growth initiatives: Dasa Empresas, Care Coordination, and Genomics, amongst others;

Escalating and engaging patients and physicians in our digital platform, Nav;

Maintaining our focus and innovation on clinical research, medical excellence, and clinical outcomes.

We Are Dasa: Our Products and Services

Outpatient Care, Diagnostics, and Care Coordination

Through our Outpatient Care, Diagnostics, and Care Coordination business unit, we are a leader in Brazil’s diagnostics medicine, as well as our presence in Argentina and Uruguay, combining advanced technology and analytic excellence to offer detailed and accurate diagnoses.

We have a network that surpasses 950 service centers and over 40 of the most recognized diagnostics brands in Brazil, such as Alta, Delboni, Salomão Zoppi, Sergio Franco, and Lâmina. We have 32 lab testing centers, besides equipment, innovative technology, and renowned medical staff in Brazil. We have over 5,000 tests available with a capacity for processing 300 million tests/year, and 25,000 employees take care of our patients.


Our Outpatient Care, Diagnostics, and Care Coordination business unit includes high-growth initiatives that contribute to our ecosystem: Dasa Empresas, Care Coordination, and Genomics.

Dasa Empresas. Dasa Empresas is a health solutions hub for corporate clients, which has more than one million lives. Dasa Empresas provides benefits advisory solutions, health coordination, and business solutions, such as occupational health. We manage the health of people who give life to businesses, promoting prevention and medical assistance to employees.

Care Coordination. Our care coordination unit has over 20 years of experience in the health sector and has +150,000 lives under management. We conduct over 350,000 controls, 60,000 consultations/year, and 95% at-home resolution. Our competitive advantage lies in an innovative model that encompasses primary, secondary, and tertiary care, offering an efficient and quality assistance to users through integrated care.

Dasa Genomics. We are a genomics leader in Brazil with an approximate 20% market share. We operate across all segments, such as rare diseases, oncology, hematology, and reproduction. Sales are made through Dasa’s channels. We also offer genetic ancestry tests, health, and wellness for consumers through our brand Genera, the leader in the segment, with +100,000 users in our base and strong growth potential through Latin America and partnerships.


Hospitals & Oncology

Our Hospitals & Oncology business unit provides quality medical and outpatient services in our 15 hospitals in five states and the Federal District of Brasilia. We comprise Brazil’s second-largest independent hospital network with 3,500 beds installed, taking into account acquisitions concluded in 2021 and early 2022. We recorded over 1.7 million services in 2021 through our 11,000 employees.

Our Hospitals

Hospitals City State
Hospital da Bahia Salvador BA
Hospital Brasilia Brasilia DF
Hospital Aguas Claras Brasilia DF
Maternidade Brasilia Brasilia DF
Hospital São Domingos São Luis MA
Hospital Paraná Maringá PR
Complexo Hospitalar Niteroi Niterio RJ
Hospital São Lucas Rio de Janeiro RJ
Nossa Senhora do Carmo Rio de Janeiro RJ
Innova Hospital Diadema SP
Leforte Christovao da Gama Santo Andre SP
Hospital 9 de Julho São Paulo SP
Hospital Santa Paula São Paulo SP
Leforte Liberdade São Paulo SP
Leforte Morumbi São Paulo SP

Since 2020, we have been expanding our oncology services, owning 30 oncology outpatient centers. An empathic reception, assertive conduct, and improved care – this is Dasa’s proposition to build new oncology. In early 2022, we concluded the acquisition of Clínica Amo, one of the most trusted clinical oncology brands in the northeast region.


Digital Platform – Nav

Nav is our health digital platform that connects both patients and physicians through an intuitive and data-based experience. In 2021, Nav significantly ramped-up and had +1.8 million unique users (patients) and +20,000 unique users at Nav Pro (physicians).


For our patients, Nav offers a convenient and simple experience, through scheduling services, telemedicine, and access to test results. For our physicians, Nav Pro offers the potential to engage more patients and deliver better results, relying on telemedicine, access to test results, and a panel of clinical summaries with health track records.

Nav is a robust platform, focused on a smooth, frictionless experience for the user, and fed by an enormous quantity of patients data provided by our differentiated laboratory infrastructure.