We are Dasa, an integrated health ecosystem that empowers and cares for people during their entire lives.

A new model is unveiled to facilitate healthcare in a sector where many patients and physicians feel unassisted and lost in a confusing journey, receiving fragmented care that wastes resources.

Our smart health model broadens and integrates the entire health sector to take care of people on a customized, continued, and preventive basis throughout their whole lives.

How we make patients' and physicians' journeys integrated and customized:

Diagnostic Medicine

We rely on Latin America’s most extensive diagnostics network to analyze, diagnose, and provide care, as quickly as possible, and in the best way. With an attentive eye, we monitor all the stages through assertive diagnoses and more integrated healthcare.

Hospital network

We have a broad and innovative group of hospitals and clinics located in the main cities of Brazil, ready to assist patients with excellence, convenience, and empathy. With our laboratories, we also operate inside over 100 partner hospitals.

Care coordination

We rely on the most advanced analytics intelligence and data prediction to guide proactively our patients. We empower physicians with integrated information, so they can make the best decisions with autonomy and convenience.

We promote a new era of medicine

Even more preventive, predictive, and customized, that cares for people during their entire lives.


Concrete results with efficiency and quality


Preventive, predictive, and customized care


A customer experience that builds engagement and loyalty


Solid data analytics focused on prediction

Nav: digital health platform

We bring together Brazil’s largest health database in a friendly and smart digital platform. Nav is the digital health platform that cares for people’s health throughout their lives. With Nav, users can schedule tests and vaccines, consult their health record, and make telemedicine consultations.