DASA3 Share Information

Ticker symbol on Stock Exchange

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Newspapers in which the Company’s public information is disclosed

Official Gazette of the State of São Paulo
Diário de Notícias

Shareholder Service

DASA’s shareholder service is provided by the depositary financial institution, Banco Itaú S.A., at the address below or via telephones 3003-9285 (capital cities and metropolitan regions) or toll-free number 0800 7209285 (other locations). Dasa’s shareholders can also make consultations via Internet, at www.itaucorretora.com.br itaucorretora.com.br.

Payment of Dividends and/or Interest on Equity to Shareholders

The credit referring to Dividends and/or Interest on Equity shall be made in shareholders’ current account, according to the electronic files of Banco Itaú S.A., the depositary institution of the Company’s shares.

Dividends and/or Interest on Equity, assigned to shareholders whose records are not updated will remain available at Banco Itaú S.A.’s Corporate Services Superintendence until these are regularized.

Independent Auditors

KPMG Auditores Independentes
Rua Arquiteto Olavo Redig de Campos, 105, Torre A 6º, 7º, 8º, 11º andares, Vila São Francisco, São Paulo – SP, CEP 04711-904
Phone: (11) 3940-1500
FAX: (11) 3940-1501

Whistleblowing Channel

DASA created its Whistleblowing Channel through which any person can send a complaint about any irregularity is aware of. The whistleblower’s anonymity is assured.

The Whistleblowing Channel is the official vehicle to send reports on any irregularities, accounting inadequacies, or any other accounting, internal and external audit issues, internal controls, risk management, related party transactions, and corporate governance.

The system was developed combining all security tools, so that whistleblower’s identity and confidentiality are preserved, relying on the support of an independent external company that receives and evaluates the report content. 

The report content shall provide the minimum elements required allowing to verify the accuracy of the facts reported. As more evidence we receive, the better will be the process evaluation.

An appropriate, independent, confidential analysis is ensured for all complaints received, free of retaliation to the whistleblower, through a structured process monitored by the Company’s Audit Committee.

Click here to make your complaint, or you can send an e-mail to dasa@canaldaconduta.com.br or 0800-721-9886, from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.